Long Overdue Gas Pain

Gas PricesYes, it hurts to have gas and it hurts not to have gas. Gas pains suck. The pains in the wallet were inevitable, though.

We have a President who likes war (in the Middle East, as if they don’t fight amongst themselves enough), another idiot leader who babbles on about his country, Iran, which wouldn’t amount to a hill of waste if the oil stops, OPEC and the so-called leader of Venezuela, Chavez. He acts more like a child than a man.

So we have monkeys and children running the world. Yep, it’s our fault. We voted for them, and we should be ashamed. Now it’s biting us in the ass. It would have anyway, as the non-renewable fuels are depleted. So now it’s time to start thinking – if you can’t play well with others, than play by yourself. It’s time we get back to being self-reliant on our energy needs and drop other countries like a bad habit. Iran’s leader is spouting to the world that current oil prices are long overdue. So is the fact that, if we work at it, they can keep their freaking crude.

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UA Flight 93, the Movie

Flight 93 memorialSince the dark day of September 11 I have idolized those aboard flight 93. I even drove out to the temporary memorial to pay my respects, and what a humbling feeling it was.

Now Hollywood wants to capitalize on the events that took place, with movies such as Flight 93 and World Trade Center. It’s been five years. Is this a tribute, or is it meant to be a cash cow? The World Trade Center movie is starring Nicholas Cage. Although he is a great actor, there were far too many heros to have any single star.

I certainly hope this is done in taste. I, personally, think the timing is too soon. Will I see any of these movies. If I do it will not be in the theater. Then I don’t need a movie to remind me, either.

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2008 Elections Are Too Far Away

Not that it ever does any good. But I see the things that the Bush administration is doing (and on the hill) and it’s making me nuts. I hate politics anyway, but it gives me something to bitch about.

Now, aside from the constant lies to his people, which ended getting us drug into war that likes us like wicked step child, now we’re offending our neighbors, as well as ourselves. I mean, we’re North America. A a whole, we have to all get along over here. I don’t care if we have illegal Mexican immigrants here, helping farmers more than our own citizens would. If they become a problem we can send them home.

And I don’t think we need visas to go to Mexico or Canada, nor should they need one to visit us. Bush needs to stop trying to make us the United Secure States of America (USSA). Just make sure we have the rights to own and bear arms, and we can take care of ourselves, if necessary. It’s our right.

In the meantime, lets learn to play well, at least with our neighbors.

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For the Reeves, So it Ends

Christopher and Dana ReeveIf Christopher Reeve was Superman, Dana was no less of an equal. She was there during his struggle to recover, staying with him through thick and thin, never surrendering, and taking on the chair of the Christopher Reeve Foundation for spinal cord injuries after the death of her husband.

Unfortunately she was diagnosed with lung cancer, and it was a battle she did not win. She was a role model and an inspiration, and her loss is just as tragic as that of her husband.

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‘So this is how liberty dies…’

Patriot ActThe Patriot Act – In the coming weeks we will witness our civil liberties begin to perish at the hands of the very people we voted into office. What started with an iron fist from a strong leader may only lead to our own iron curtain. I’ve written my government leaders, with nothing more than letters in return that dance around the issue. In other words: I won’t be voting for them next election, as they don’t support my interests.


The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

– Thomas Jefferson

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The Spam Gets Thicker…

SpamSpam! It’s everywhere! You get it in your email, on public forums, at the store – and now people are spamming my blogs! What’s up with it?!

Well, the third times a charm, so anyone else that wants to spam my blogs will have their IP address banned from further posting of comments.

Spam sucks… No matter what the packaging looks like… angry

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The State of Confusion?

On Tuesday, January 31st, GW Bush delivered the State of the Union address (not before a couple of people were removed for wearing protesting shirts, like ‘Support Our Troops’). During that time we were led to believe that we are fighting the good fight, and that the government has our best interest at heart.

In order to believe what was said you must first look at the track record. We’re still at war, from which will mark our country as Vietnam had. Our economy is on shaky ground. The fundamental freedom for which we base our culture and are the envy of many is now being decided and scrutinzed by the people that serve us in the form of the Patriot Act.

To be a good leader one must not only lead, but must also listen. Many leaders of past history have chosen to fight for their ideas and cruisades, and many have fallen. It takes a great leader to subdue his power to wage war and sit down at the table with his own people and other leaders to determine the best approach for society.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, of which is starting to be clear. The US is very powerful…

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To Blog or not to Blog – Don’t Be Stupid!

Blogging is very new to an outlet that is still in it’s infancy – the Internet. And the craze has caught on.

Some people, however, seem to think that blogging holds some sort of privacy, while others use it to ‘cyber-bully’ others. It has some so concerned that school officials are blocking the use of the technology on school grounds.

Consider this: A teenager (using them as an example, since far more teens use blogs than the rest of the majority) posts a blog while using their name and the school in which they attend or the area that they live in. For someone with sinister intentions all it would take is a good search engine, like Google. A perv in Dallas could do a search for blogs in Dallas and, given enough time and refining, many matches will be found with way too much information (school schedules, work schedules, phone numbers, etc).

People have been incriminated for things they have posted on blogs that led back to crimes that they have commited. This goes to prove that people don’t think about consequenses. The same goes for employment – present and future. If you think current and prospective employers aren’t looking at personal blogs, think again. What you share with the world may determine whether or not you land that next job…

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Stick To Your Guns!

Google stands up to the fedsThe feds are wanting Google to give them information in regards to what users have been searching for online. Google’s response: “No way!”

Google is doing what Verizon, Yahoo and others have not done – standing up for its users and itself. Keep it up guys! Whether it’s in the name of terrorism, child porn, or whatever, the government needs to use the resources it has a little better and stop voilating the privacy of its citizens and corporations. angry

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Haleigh PoutreWhen it comes to this little girl ‘Why’ is the question.

Why was she beaten nearly to death? How can an 11 year old girl deserve that? We all get angry at our children. Sometimes we get very angry. I’m a parent – I know from experience. But for these people, who obvioulsy cannot control themselves (it’s eveident when baseball bats become involved), why even take custody of her?

Why is her step-father (if you can call him that) wanting her to be kept alive? Because he loves her, or because he will be charged with murder if she dies? You figure it out. It’s not that difficult. There is no reason to make that broken little body suffer any longer because of the man that put her on life support.

Why would we let monsters like this so called father live? Haliegh’s adopted mother is already dead, and that’s fine. One down, one to go. I realize this happens all over the world. This is not an isolated case. Everyone who cane be so brutal deserves that same treament.

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