Mickey Mouse’s Relative Beaten to Death!

 So this childrens TV character, Farfour (uh… meaning ‘butterfly’… odd name for a ‘mouse’), gets beaten to death in front of the young, impressionable minds of the Palestinian future, by what appears to be Israeli police.

Boy, won’t they be utterly suprised when they realize that the mouse that’s not even named after a mouse, who was an Islamic fundamentalist extremist, was actually beaten down by their own people! What a shock! To think that this icon fell victim to the same forces that have dominated the region for thousands of years… betrayal!

Obviously there are many there who want peace, but it always boils down to a small group who amount to less-than-human status, which attracts more dog-like behaviour. Someboby throw them a bone, and maybe they will take their ‘butterfly’ and go away!

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Crooked Capitol’s Closed Doors

What isDick Cheney this guy up to? He has caused almost as many problems as G.W., himself! Now he thinks he is above the law, where the law clearly states that he is to report the number of classified documents under his charge annually. Has he done so? Not in four years, because he thinks he doesn’t need to…

And Gonzalez, who is supposed to be upholding the law (and was Alberto Gonzalesasked for his letter of resignation recently, but that’s another matter), is over-looking this…

Okay, who is in charge on the hill, then? Who is enforcing the laws? What are G.W. and Condi up to?

‘quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’

Roughly translated: ‘Who will guard the guards?’

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Extinction of a Species

 Daily we hear about different species that have become extinct, and others that very possibly will become extinct. Polar bears are a prime example, as the area they live and thrive in diminishes. Make no mistake, the only location the polar bear will live, in the near future, will be in a local zoo, until they die out there.

But how about this: What we are actually looking at is the fate of our species. Humans have the largest population of any species on earth, save for insects and microbes. The Earth, however, has ways of correcting itself, just as our bodies will kill of harmful diseases.

The pollution we are putting onto this planet will destroy life for our children or grandchildren. Anyone who declares otherwise is obtuse. The Earth has entered a phase in which it is trying to correct itself. It will become hotter, drying up our crops, then it will enter into a new ice age. The damage is done. The question is, can we change it, or can we slow it? And what do we say to our children if we don’t try?

Do you want to try? Get on Google, and contact your state politicians.

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The Spear of Destiny

Spear of DestinyThe Spear of Destiny, or the spear belonging to Longinus, the Roman who speared Jesus Christ in the side when Christ was crucified, is of legendary value. It holds as much mystery as the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Grail (Sangreal), as powerful christian relics.

Current Location:

Hofsburg Treasure House, Vienna, Austria

The History:

Objects dating back to the time of Christ tends lends to question a level of authenticity. The shroud has been tested by scientists with no proof of it’s actual date. The grail, depending on whose account you choose to subscibe to, is either missing or located in one of several locations around the globe (or was it ever an object to begin with?).

The spear has been attributed to holding powers since the time that it was bathed in the holy blood, starting with the healing of the eyes of Longinus when blood spilled onto him from Christ’s wound. He, at that time, claimed that this was the son of God.

Since that time the spear has passed among many leaders. Legend has it that the one who holds is becomes invincible, and many rulers only lost wars or battles once they lost the artifact. The myths surrounding it hold that it matters not as to whether the holders intentions are good or sinister.

Adolph Hitler, the last leader to be in possession of the spear, was always intrigued by its mysticism. Upon rising to power he marched his army to Vienna, Austria to claim it for himself. He then had it transported by armored train to Nuremburg, where it was stored in a vault beneath St. Katerine’s church. The vault was discovered by Allied troops and the spear was recovered within hours before Hitler’s demise. The spear has since been returned to Hofsburg museum, in Vienna.

Current Discussion:

Is this the spear that spilled the blood of Christ? There are others that make the claim that they, too, posess the original artifact. It has made its way into storybooks, comics and movies – recently including Hell Boy and Constatine, both of which imply or state that it was in Nazi possesion for a time. Does it have the powers that many claim? Believers and coicidence may say that it does. It’s a matter of faith.

Spear of Longinus
The Holy Lance of Longinus
The Spear of Destiny

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Sheehan’s Out!

 I have always been strongly opposed to the war in Iraq, no question. But what can bring moral down almost as much as an improvised exposive device? How about the lack of support for what our troops are trying to do.

I have received and been forwarded emails from troops stationed in Hell, with some depicting the friends and the difference they have made there, others talking about how nothing they do makes anyones lives any better, and that they need to be brought home.

Look – whether you support Bush or the war, our troops need support. They need this until our governement finds a way to end the conflict. I understand the passion for the loss of her child, but the course she took to advocate the return of the armed forces is not too unlike that of Westboro, the group that calls themselves a church.

A note to Sheehan: Everything you gave, from your son to your marraige, was based on ideals. You son was lost to the ideals of a rabid dog that only a strong house or the next election can put down. Your marraige was lost to your own ideals that ran for so long and left you with a bitter taste and the assumption that we don’t care. You’re wrong. Some of us just go about it very differently.

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Samhain to Halloween

Halloween Jack o LanternDepending on what side of the fence you’re on (if you are even near or on the fence at all) Halloween may hold different meanings.

Where does it come from?

Halloween seems to have originated as the Pagan celebration of Samhain, which is the harvest season and the reign of the winter (dead season) gods. Other than traditional spiritual rituals, which may involve dressing in celestial robes or nothing at all, and celebrating nature there is little similarities between the ancient beliefs and todays modern practices. It is a time when the end of summer is embraced while the living mingle with the spirits of the dead.

The celebration has nothing to do with the legend of Jack o’ the Lantern, either. The word ‘Samhain’ has been used to name the figure that often represents the story of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’, or the like, where a character uses a Jack o’ Lantern for its head. This is a modern icon, nothing more.

All Saints Day, itself, was created by christians – not pagans. It is celebrated as ‘All Hallows Eve’, ‘All Souls Day’ and ‘Halloween’. The christian holiday was meant to coincide with the pagan festivities in order to form both into a solid christian tradition. Pope Gregory III spearheaded this idea, obviously thinking ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’.

Current Discussion:

Halloween, by todays practices, is an entertaining community holiday. It is not recognized as a federal holiday in the U.S., though the idea of the separation of church and state would make one question the formation of a federal holiday from a christian holiday (ever think we will get federally mandated time off for Ramadan or Hannakuh?). There are still many groups that recognize it as a religously-based holiday. Some of those groups are even pushing to have the celebrations removed from schools under the laws separating church and state.

Unfortunately this holiday has also taken a more sinister turn, one which is seen far more publicly than should be. In modern times, it seems, Satanic occultists have taken the once benign holiday as a day that lawlessness reigns and sacrifices should be made to the lord of Hell. This has nothing to do with what Samhain is about.

In the end Halloween is what we make it out to be. It’s a day of ‘trick or treating’ or it’s a day to celebrate the end of summer. Perhaps it’s both. It’s a chance to have a good time in either case.

All Hallow’s Eve
All Saints
History of Halloween : Myths, Monsters and Devils
The History of Halloween — It’s Probably Not What You Think
History of the Jack O’Lantern

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Campus Shooting Crap

Virginia Tech Campus ShootingOnce again, a cowardly act of one single individual strikes at the heart of our communities, causing greif, stirring up the media and bringing back the age-old gun debate.

First – it’s harsh, even more so for any family who just lost a child, but the gunman is a coward. Who takes guns into a location that is largely undefended? This is someone who felt he had nothing to lose, and could fight now other way. Then he kills himself to avoid the repercussions. Now define coward…

And the media attention to this tragedy was appauling. I have seen CNN news anchors putting words in the mouths of the students, leading many to leave, or consider leaving school. On top of that they are immortalizing the gunman, as well as glamourizing the shooting incident. Sometimes there is news that should be taken with moderation… Like cocktail…

Before students consider leaving due to security, I realize they have not had to deal with the critical decision process, but what would anyone have done in the position of authority in this case? This will be investigated, and things will be found that were not handled correctly, but tell me who would have done things very differently?

And when we talk about gun control in this issue, very little will be resolved. This was done with two handguns, possibly stolen. No amount of gun control will stop this from happening. Advances in security or a monitoring of behaviour might help, but it seems as though this coward, the gunman, kept a low profile before this happened, so it’s unlikely that this would have been detected.

It’s time to stop, take a breath and clear our heads. Without doing this it won’t be possible to think logically.

My heart goes out to the students, faculty and parents of all of those involved. Remember that times like this can define courage and heroism.

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Al Sharpton’s Late in the Game

Well, Imus has left the building, CBS, that is. Maybe.Al Sharpton Sharpton got what he was demanding, again. The man makes a lot of demands, to be sure. But what did he accomplish from all of this?

There are many people who would agree that Imus was over the line – myself being one of them. Those girls did nothing to warrant the verbal onslaught that they received. Then again, he did take the steps to apologize, and the team accepted his apology. So, at this point, has this gone too far? Perhaps, or maybe not. In either case, it’s a bit late.

For years many mainstream musicians have been belittling women and calling each other racial slurs. Where was Sharpton then? Why hasn’t anything been said until now? Now he draws a line on the kind of verbal abuse that is taking place, but make no mistake – it is out of the criticism that he has received from so many. So Sharpton is finding himself in a very similar situation that he put Imus in, leaving the Reverend, himself, with very little credibility.

Cancer is not very different from this circus that begun. The disease has been running rampant for some time now. If Al Sharpton is the doctor, well it has been diagnosed late and the patient’s chances have been reduced. Had this been treated sooner the outcome might be brighter. Let’s just be thankful that the man practices radio!

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The Evansville Willard Library

Location: Evansville, IN

Evensville Willard LibraryOrigins:
The library has been in service for over a century, and reporting ghostly phenomenon for much of its history. According tolegend the first reported sighting was by a custodial staff member in 1937. Since then the entity has drawn as many people looking to check out more than just a book.

The Lady in Grey:
Who is she? Many reports pay tribute to the psychic by the name of Mrs. Warren as the person to identify that the entity, named the ‘Lady in Grey’, is a spirit that belonged to the land, before the land belonged to the library. Her identity is not known, but reports suggest that her clothing is that of the late 1800s.

Another popular theory that many subscribe to is that that ghost is that of Louise Carpenter, who believed her family is the rightful heir of the estate.

Typical encounters of the ‘Lady in Grey’ include sightings of a ghostly figure, books ‘flying’ offof the shelves and the smell of perfume.

Willard Library
Pics at GhostStudy.com

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A World of Hurt

Global Warming

Today Al Gore gave testimony during a joint hearing on global warming. This is the same guy that has made it his agenda to learn and focus on this topic, more so in recent years.

Let’s think about this for a minute… We are putting things onto this Earth – the sea, land and air – that are man-made. The more there is of it, the more detrimental it becomes. The more there are of us, the more we pollute. A basic example: Light a cigarette in a car with all of the windows rolled up, and it will get foggy and, in some cases, irritating, to the occupants. Now imagine that there are four or five people smoking in that car.

And yet there are some people that seem to believe that we could not possibly be the cause of what is taking place with our planet? Have they ever asked their children or grandchildren for their opinions, since they are the ones that will inherit what is left?

Yes, it will be costly. It was too costly to sign the Kyoto pact, but not too expensive to wage war on two fronts? Can we make a change? Yes, only while we are here, and while there is time. An ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure.

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